St. George School

St. George School

"We are Christ-centered and faith-directed in all that we are."

Catholic Schools Across Our Diocese Thrive

The school communities of the Diocese of Jefferson City are today’s servants of God. They accept the continuing mission of proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ to the world and making disciples of all nations. The diocesan schools provide quality Catholic education in a Christ-like environment; guiding, enlightening, educating, and nurturing the children in their care.

In our diocese, an educational program is provided where students learn intellectual, spiritual, social, physical, and aesthetic like skills and attitudes. Continual development of the students ultimate earthly and spiritual potential is the primary design.


St. George School

Mission Statement: The mission of St. George School is to provide a quality Catholic  education in a safe and secure environment that promotes the maximum potential in  spiritual, academic, emotional, physical and social growth in every student. 

Profile of a Warrior: St. George School is a mission of our parish. We strive to bring  outstanding academic and co-curricular programs all within the realm of a Catholic environment. There is no separation between time for learning and time for faith formation.  All school personnel and students need to have strong bonds to Christ and the  Church. They need to witness the faith in both words and actions. “We are Christ centered and faith directed in all that we are!”

Grounded in Faith, as St. George graduates will: know that faith is a daily response to  God’s love and forgiveness. It requires us to live out our faith through actions, words and  deeds. defend our faith and to live it out by understanding Catholic doctrine, beliefs and practices know that your faith should drive all decision making and help to bring the faith  to younger generations. fight against injustice and evil with the understanding that God is  the driving force of that which is good. 

Grounded in Excellence, a St. George’s graduate will: understand that excellence is  going above and beyond in order to do one’s best have mastered the fundamental academic competencies necessary for high school  be an independent, life-long learner who  is intellectually curious and continuously developing critical thinking and problem solving  skills and communication skills to ensure success at each new level of learning. 

Grounded in Humility, a St. George’s graduate will: appreciate that genuine humility  is not a denial of gifts and talents, but a recognition that these gifts and talents come  from God embody humility by putting others before self and developing understanding  and respect for individual differences and beliefs respond to Christ’s call to lead by service. 

Grounded in Integrity, a St. George’s graduate will: recognize that integrity is doing  the right thing because it is the right thing to do to realize that one’s commitments to excellence are addressing the whole person through faith, discipleship and respect of life will  demonstrate self-discipline and self-control in daily activities.